The advantages of a mesh hay net:

  1. Net-wrapped hay brings large savings. When mounted over the bedding, it is not subject to such degradation as hay thrown “in bulk” is (for more details please see the “Studies” section).
  2. Slow feeding is also beneficial to horse health – it limits the occurrence of gastrointestinal ulcers in animals, increases their wellbeing and eliminates the sensation of hunger.
  3. Nibbling hay from a small mesh hay net resembles natural eating conditions – slower by ¼ (see the “Studies” section).
  4. No deer-neck in horses – horses eat mainly with their heads down (grass does not grow on trees). 
  5. Slowing down the amount of consumed feed – help for obese horses.
  6. If mesh is too big, the net does not slow the eating process. A horse will nibble hay effortlessly and hence it will not chew it slowly and thoroughly enough.
  7. Entertainment – horses in their box stalls are not getting bored. Nibbling hay from small mesh hay net is kind of a puzzle and an engaging activity (much more engaging than a rubber ball on a string). 
  8. In the case of weaving horses and cribbing horses – an activity that distracts their attention from their abnormal behaviours.
  9. In the case of a hay net to be placed in box stalls – we hang it once a day and keep the stable clean and tidy.
  10. In the case of a hay net for the entire hay bale – slow feeding and a considerable improvement in horse care for stable staff and owners.
  11.  Dust suppression in the box and the paddock in the case of horses with allergies.
  12. The majority of the hay net applications will be useful in the case of other animals too such as cows or goats.